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Igneous is the pursuit of leading creative design in heated luxury concrete soaking tubs. Our fiery passion and rock solid techniques create the highest quality pieces for a luxurious relaxation experience. We hand sculpt functional art pieces in a world of monotony.

Igneous Airah

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Banskah Concrete Tub


Hand formed custom molds produce the highest quality tubs which are then individually sculpted to become a unique functional art piece. Using flowing lines like Van Gogh in an art deco craftsmanship fashion, our artists create the perfect design and function for truly luxurious spaces.

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Gone is the chance to commission your own personal Van Gogh, but you now have the chance to bask in a masterpiece equally as remarkable.

Inquire now about commissioning your own exclusive, unique, and elegant basking experience to fit your luxurious lifestyle.

It’s not just bathing, its basking.

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