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the relentless artist

Hold nothing back. If you are going to do it, do it right, don’t cut any corners – leave everything out on the field. Moving 21 times in 36 years, adaptation is my way of life.  Flexibility and empathy are invaluable pillars in my perspective of the world. Few attributes have not been at some point sacrificed on these altars. Since they were ingrained in me as a child, I have tenaciously clung to these philosophies even when it would have been in my best interest to forsake them. In these moments of choice, my strength allows me to bare “it” whatever “it” is. But I will not live with myself if I cut a corner or hold something back.

Finishing strong is an obsession, a key component of who I am. Stubbornly, I refused to sacrifice this on the altar of flexibility. It isn’t always right to be this way, but anything worth doing is always worth doing right.  Push to the limits of what you have learned to be right and continue to learn what right is.

Staj and Igneous are recognized as innovative creative forces that contribute exceptional works to the fields of Art and Creative culture.

If we are all flexible in the little things, we are all able to be empathetic with one another and altruistic.  If we will agree to finish strong in each other’s best interest, we will create a better and less disappointing world.

The founder of an industry leading luxury firm must be an absolute anchor for everything and everyone to hang from.  They must have unwavering vision and singularity of purpose for others to agree with and rally around.  A strong foundation to build the brand upon.  A difficult truth needs to come out, “Our biggest failures in life will often come from our greatest strengths.” When I fail, I will get up relentlessly – a failure that creates meaningful experiences, that is art.

My commitments to Igneous and clients.

  1. I will work tirelessly to remove all signs of human flaws from my products compulsively.  I will polish until all the imperfections left are natural never man made.  I will not cut corners or fail to finish strong.
  2. I will do everything I am capable of to grow and work in the best interest of everyone around me.  I will exhaustively test and do my very best to improve everything I offer.  I will continually strive to improve.
  3. I will behave as a fiduciary to my clients placing their best interest before my own.  I will do my very best to balance the needs and situations of my clients with those of my team members for I am committed to being a fiduciary to my team as well.  I have started Igneous to no longer have any boss that can place expectations other than these on me.
  4. I am committed to doing everything I can to remain flexible and empathetic to my clients and teammates for as long as I can.
  5. I will expect every member of my team to commit to the best of their abilities to grow towards always finishing strong, never cutting corners and being considerate of others.
  6. I will not ask others to do anything I have not done or am not willing to do myself.

In a world that duplicates monotony, be elemental. Be the wave, the fire. Be Igneous.

Let’s create.

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