Our Models

Our Models

Qualities for Indulgence.


Extended relaxation and reinvigoration are not only possible, but encouraged with the integrated silent heating system. Bask within the tub with or without water for hours, encapsulated by the rehabilitative qualities of immersive heat.


Distance the rest of the world and immerse yourself with full resonant sound. The high fidelity sound system hidden within the tub will wash over you. Experience frequencies between 20 and 20,000 hertz, well beyond what’s produced by the average 88 key piano (27.5 to 4,186 hertz).


Heal using the natural methods relied upon by medical and athletic professionals. Rehabilitate injuries and renew muscles with your own private cryotherapy sessions, which have also shown to reduce migraines and arthritic pain.

Gems & Metals.

Custom inlays and designs will ensure you are basking in a one of a kind masterpiece. Work directly with the artist to create an experience like no other in this world. Create the only bathing experience that is worthy of you.