Rustic yet luxurious, let your mind wander as you relax with a book or your surrounding views. Specifically crafted supports on each side allow for varying levels of reclining comfort. Bathe, shower, or warm yourself in a Banskah heated luxury concrete soaking tub.

  • Bask comfortably with various reclining options
  • Relax comfortably in the 1st thin-walled radiant heat concrete tubs
  • Bathe, shower, or simply relax in an easy to heat basking tub
  • Soothe indulgently with a fully resonant high fidelity sound system
  • Control the heat from anywhere with the 1st wifi Nest compatible thermostat with a full color touch screen interface

Bathe above the rest. Inquire today.

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Customize your new Banskah Heated Luxury Concrete Soaking Tub:

  • Design for optimal fit with your interior style with black, dark grey, light grey or custom color options
  • Ensure the right touch and feel with various texture specifications
  • Drain the tub easily with your preference of draining methods
  • Feel the right heat every time with the Nuheat Signature Thermostat


Capacity: 65 gallons

Weight: 397 lbs

Material: Fiber supported concrete

Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Custom

Finish: Polished, Textured, Matte, Alloy, Custom

Warranty: 5 years

Options: 120v or 240v heating element